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Video of Dr. Robert Jeffress Addressing the Tragedy in Dallas Texas, re the Assassination of Dallas Police and Rapid Transit Police Officers

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IPOC Tract cover
IPOC Tract cover

Sadly many Monday morning quarterbacks on social media, have fueled the flames of this anti-police rhetoric. Henceforth, they are irresponsibly peripherally responsible for inciting these violent attacks on our police.

Interestingly just last week in various places, I street preached from that text on ‘Lawlessness.’ Listen to the first 30 seconds in this video.

Two years ago I spent time in Dallas Texas sharing the Gospel with thousands. I am torn as if I should return while the harvest is very ripe. Rather than bullets, the people in the streets need to hear the auditory trajectories of the Gospel ricocheting off the buildings. If I am convinced that this is the Lords will, I will return. Or perhaps the Lord will use others to ‘publicly’ herald the Gospel. Prayers up please. – Chaplain Bill 🙂

Dr Robert Jeffress below is most qualified to give these words of wisdom and encouragement.

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