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Video of Dr. Robert Jeffress Addressing the Tragedy in Dallas Texas, re the Assassination of Dallas Police and Rapid Transit Police Officers

Sadly many Monday morning quarterbacks on social media, have fueled the flames of this anti-police rhetoric. Henceforth, they are irresponsibly peripherally responsible for inciting these violent attacks on our police. Interestingly just last week in various places, I street preached from that text on ‘Lawlessness.’ Listen to the first 30 seconds in this video. Two

Video preaching at the Texas State Capitol (edited version)

Since I had already been preaching in downtown Austin Texas, then briefly on the University of Texas campus, I knew I had to go to the State Capitol. I was surprised with the low number of visitors. Nonetheless I did some open-air preaching. This is ‘one’ of over ‘one hundred’ video files of my ‘Southwestern