Video of Bill trying to open-air preach on the University of Texas campus (agitated heckler included)

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I was provided with one ‘narrow’ window of opportunity. That was while their students were on the move. Therefore I distributed tracts as fast as I could, and then herald both the ‘Law and the Gospel.’ I violated my own personal policy, which is to strive to ‘ignore hecklers.’ Instead, I referred to him has I went thru Revelation 21:8. This heckler got a bit agitated with the message. One lovely Christian lady told me afterwards, that she much appreciated the proclamation of the Gospel. Some other Christians approached me, questioning my style of evangelism (open-air). However after going thru some Biblical accounts in the book of Acts, they were more understanding.

This is one of many videos of my ‘Southwestern States Open-Air Preaching Tour, Spring 2014.’ For more information about that four week trip, click here

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