Video of a man responding to the Gospel while preaching Psalm 15, at a Train Depot in Dallas, TX

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Law vs the GospelI am very cautious in giving these praise reports, because they can come across as brag-a-thons. Not to mention that only the Lord knows if there was a true conversion, or not. I returned back to a train station that I’ve previously been open-air preaching at (with amplification). I was waiting for a crowd to gather (according to their bus schedule.) However the Lord’s Spirit prompted me to preach immediately. So I jumped up, preached a simple message from the 15th Psalm, and then gave a brief explanation and application of both the ‘Law and the Gospel.’

One man responded to the Gospel call (many others asked questions). It is rare to see instant results when doing open-air preaching. However this is the ‘fourth’ person within the last ‘three’ weeks, that responded to the Gospel call. Only the Lord knows their hearts. He did not get an ‘easy-believism’ presentation from me. I offered to stay with this man for hours if he chose, but he had to board his train.

I generally don’t publish another person’s private matters on YouTube, so I cut out our lengthy conversation at the end. I ministered to him for another 20 minutes after this video, gave him a NT Bible, my business card, and cellphone number. I also connected him to a church in Dallas. Please pray for him.

An important reminder for me (and perhaps others), is don’t’ be caught up with how big the crowd is. Or don’t try to create a crowd (that is the flesh). Our emphasis in evangelism should be on ‘quality’ over ‘quantity.’ Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Back on Nov 14th, 1991, it was the Holy Spirit that prompted me to turn left instead of right. That left turn, turned into a gun battle at a church, hence many lives were saved.

I am just a sower of His Seed, the results are the Lords. God gives the increase, He will save whom He chooses. He will add to His church, as He wills. It is the power of the Gospel that brings salvation, not by repeating a sinner’s prayer. And for those that did not respond? The Bible promises that His Word will not return void. All the glory goes to the Lord for this outreach.

This is one of many videos of my ‘Southwestern States Open-Air Preaching Tour, Spring 2014.’ For more information about this four week trip, click here.

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