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Warren Wiersbe, ‘one of evangelicalism’s giants,’ dies

How did Warren Wiersbe influence my life? Back in 1994 my former pastor (and his Elders) asked me to teach a weekly Bible study at our church. I fought that request for 6 months. Then one day the pastor approached me in their book store. He grabbed a set of Warren Wiersbe Exposition Commentaries off

A sermon excerpt on ‘Children of the Devil that oppose the work of God,’ by Warren Wiersbe (a short video about professed believers / false converts)

In this very short video Warren Wiersbe warns of the false converts that the Apostle Paul faced. Today many open-air preachers face the same challenge. Some our biggest opposition is by those that profess to be Christian. One well-known So Calif evangelist has stated many times via YouTube, that the aforementioned are simply misguided believers,