2019 Financial update, and 10,000 more Gospel tracts

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In keeping our word for ‘financial transparency,’ the following is our ‘year to date’ financial report for 2019.

Income: $1,193.71
Expense:  $497.50

A breakdown of those expenses:

Bank charges$128.00
Computer / web site maintenance$142.50
Credit card merchant services$50.00
Franchise Tax Board$50.00
Postage / PO Box rental$53.00
Conferences & meetings$48.00 (this conference)
Travel$20.00 (Metrolink DTLA outreach)

As you can see our income was low, therefore our expenses were also low. Consequently that means missed opportunities for more outreach. I’ve been invited to join various outreaches out of state (both this year & next), but due to a lack of more financial support, I have declined.

This ‘expense report’ does not include my own ‘personal out of pocket’ expenses that comes out of my own retirement. Those expenses were even greater than the entire above income. For example, including but not limited to – ongoing gas costs.

But since my wife is my ‘first ministry,’ I must learn to say “no” to those other opportunities. Though IPOC is not a local church, I believe the Biblical model of evangelism / missions work for the local church, is to begin (and continue) our labor within our own Jerusalem, before we go out to Judea, Samaria, and the other ends of the earth.     

My next expense.

This week I will run out of our 8 page, 1,831 word Gospel tracts. Therefore I just ordered another 10,000 tracts, and their cost will be $1,000 @ 10 cents apiece. Our current balance is $906.30. I want to thank the three persons that have contributed this year thus far. I also want to thank those that have prayed for me (another valuable form of support).

I have seen lots of fruit, but so that God receives 100% of the glory, I will refrain from further comment. God is sovereign over all matters, including whom He saves (His elect), and whom He does not. He is also sovereign over our finances, so to Him be all the thanks, glory, and praise.   

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