A must-see exclusive interview of fugitive Pastor Tobias Tissen, absconding from an arrest warrant

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The number of Pastors in Canada who are being arrested for holding church services is growing rapidly. Six more arrest warrants have been issued. In this video, Rebel News interviews Pastor Tobias Tissen, now a fugitive.

Though I will continue to pray for the persecuted, I am convinced that persecution needs to come south of the border into the United States of America. In the U.S.A. it’s bitter but sweet. Bitter because a majority of professing Christians and pseudō churches across the heartland have either closed their churches, wrongfully allowed Cesar to regulate them, and/or never returned to fellowship. Sweet because the unnecessary COVID hyperbola has helped separate the sheep from the goats. So, if this persecution comes our way, that will further enhance the refinement of the Lord’s Church, and we can rejoice in that.

But the ironic part is, only those who are sold-out to the Lord will be persecuted, while the sell-outs will live peaceably. Those sell-outs hide behind their face masks, and their Coronaphobic ‘stay at home’ livestreamed church services, all the while they have no problem going to the grocery store or resuming everyday activities. It is difficult to shed grace to those who have betrayed our Lord, and His Church for so long, but I do pray they repent. In the meantime, they should examine the Scriptures, and test themselves to see if they are even in the faith.

Back to our Canadian brethren. They are being salt of the earth, and light of this world, and so I support them. 

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