A must see short video of Dr. R.C. Sproul, Sr. Rebuking the Modern Church

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Ever since the 1970’s, a church movement that began right here in So Calif, have feminized and romanticized who Jesus is. They have turned the LORD Jesus into a cool dude.

Sad thing is, most of their sheep do not know any better. I am thankful that I spent a good portion of my Christian life moving from ‘church to church,’ to better enable me to discern these differences.

I believe it is important to have a consistent employment record with the same place of employment. But staying in the same ‘church’ all of your life, can be hazardous to your spiritual health; lest you become like the “modern church.”

Disclaimer: IPOC Ministries makes an effort to share excerpts from various sermons (aka sermon jams,) from various pastors. However, this does not mean that IPOC endorses all views of every pastor shared here. – Chaplain Bill 🙂

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