A shocking 2-minute message to men!, by Shane Idleman

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Shane and his fmailyA shocking message to men!, by Shane Idleman

Another great message by pastor Shane. However regarding his comment telling men to “get off Facebook.” I’m sure pastor Shane would approve of men using Facebook, if they were utilizing it as a ministry, and if their family’s not neglected.

That being to glorify the Lord, share the Gospel, and edify the saints. However an occasional “Jesus loves you” doesn’t cut it.

The problem I see, is that many Christians do not. Many of their walls are Godless. You can see where their heart is, and what their passions and idols are. A majority of their time is spent on idol chatter. Or with their false gods of pleasure, fun, sports, entertainment, and jokes. Nothing wrong with a little of the aforementioned, but emphasis added on ‘a majority of their time.’

If you’re looking for a church in the Lancaster area, try Westside Christian Fellowship. Pastor Shane, you have been tagged.

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