A film on God fearing – God centered worship music, vs man pleasing – man centered worship music

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Sadly today there are several ‘Christian’ bands that have a huge fan base/following. These popular bands are a byproduct of their home-based churches, which teach false doctrine. Admittedly their quality of music is very good. But their content is very poor, including false doctrine.*

Below is an excellent video on what worship music should be, and shouldn’t be. Though they don’t mention the names of the bands, they also address how many of today’s popular ‘Christian’ bands entertain, teach bad doctrine, and as one said, they have a “Captain Crunch Theology.”

They affirm that music is important, but it should never be elevated to, or over the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. As I’ve said before, whether it be a church service, or open-air evangelism; the Gospel much be the cornerstone of our ministry.

* Below in comments you will find dozens of fact based articles on The Jesus Culture band and Hillsong music. The Hillsong band comes out of the Hillsong church. The Jesus Culture band comes out of Bethel church.  


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