An update on my heart condition – video of electric shocks (Jan 2017)

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As I go thru some of my medical procedures, my heart muscle is still only at 25% (cardiomyopathy), the AFIB with RVR is still as bad, I still have systolic heart failure, and my lungs have been labor intensive.

Last Saturday I went out of my geographical comfort zone to assist some amazing street preachers, preach. However I was only able to last 3 hours, so I left a great team behind. That wonderful team kept an watchful eye on me. One my way home was my first time taking one of those new ‘little heart pills’ that prevented me from another trip to the ER, but I’ve been exhausted for four days since.

As per the advice (orders) of my wife, it would be wise to refrain from evangelism outreaches that are far from home (close to my own hospital), and that are not very time consuming, or labor intensive.

I am thankful that all my medicines are working as prescribed.

On the 20th I start some more P-Lab tests, and then the following week I begin a series of these procedures, as seen in this video.

Lord willing a series of these will “convert” my heart rhythm to a safe rhythm, that will bring me out of a high risk for stroke (my blood ‘pools-up’ in my heart).

Nonetheless – the Good News is God has already ‘converted’ my heart.

“And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” – Ezekiel 36:26

And a spiritual circumcision on my born-again heart.

“In him also you were circumcised with a circumcision made without hands, by putting off the body of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ,” – Colossians 2:11

Therefore you cannot kill a born-again Christian, you can only change their address.

Lord let Your will be done. Soli Deo Gloria!

To redeem my time wisely, I am working on an expository teaching thru the Epistle of Jude. Those will be uploaded on my YouTube channel. Here is a video of my most recent teaching on verses 5-7. Thankfully that video has generated a lot of emails.

UPDATE 02/02/17: Dear Christians I want to thank you very much for your prayers. Since I did not have internet access (a good thing), only a few of my family and friends knew about this. This procedure was performed, but I went Code Blue into Full Cardiac Arrest. Not once, not twice, but three times I was dead, but the Lord brought me back each time. My last cardiac arrest was in an ambulance on the way to a fine hospital.  It was then that I had first learned what had happened.

I don’t even know where to begin with this, except that I am tired, very sore, very slow, in need of a quiet home, no visitors, and lots of rest. I left the place extremely sore, and with a Bionic Computer implant in my chest, which is wired into my heart. Pray that my body doesn’t reject it, as there is a chance of a blood infection from the wiring. No – this device will not cure, nor heal me. It will be inside of me for the rest of my natural life (if it’s not rejected). It really is nothing more than a safeguard in ‘hopes’ to keep me from a full arrest again.

Witnessing physicians advised it is “a miracle” that 1) I’m alive, and 2) I still have my faculties. Lord willing if I feel up to it, tomorrow (or the next day) I will make an abbreviated video-report / praise report.

In the meantime I am on physical restrictions. I am so thankful for your prayers, I am so thankful for every Doctor, Cardio specialist, and Nurse that took care of me these last 7-days. It’s GREAT to be disconnected from all this tubes, lines, wires, and catheters, but it’s a bit scary being at home without that safeguard.

Moreover, I want to give God all the glory for what I experienced. This was Him and all about Him bringing me back many times. So it is certain, that my Sovereign God is not done with me yet, and/or He has new work for me to do. I also need prayer in that regard.

I am not out of the woods, and sadly my heart muscle strength has decreased from 25% to 20% (but 20% is better than zero). My heart experienced lots of trauma, so that’s expected for an already weak heart that died. Again it’s a God ordained miracle that I am still here.

I have a LOT of praying to do about this whole incident. Again THANK YOU for your prayers, and to God be the glory.

A side note regarding questions: Please understand, but my wife was in the waiting room when I ‘checked-out,’ so needless to say she needs lots of prayers. Though innocently well-intended, what she doesn’t need (from those of you in contact with her), is a lot of questions about my heath and heart details. Too many consistent questions over the last three months (since diagnosed) have been extremely wearisome on our souls. Sometimes the best question we can ask a person in cases like this, is “How you feeling, I’m praying for you,” or “what can I do for you?” That is the reason why I went with making video reports in the past. With much love! 🙂


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