Audio Sermon ‘Are you a Christian? Vs. Why are you a Christian?,’ by Dr. Voddie Baucham

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Dr. Voddie Baucham is teaching thru a series on the ‘doctrine of salvation.’ Here he talks about the ‘covenant of redemption,’ as he preaches from John chapter 17.

I don’t believe anyone’s ever asked me “why are you a Christian,” but perhaps the most God centered – God glorifying answer I could give, is this. “I didn’t have a choice, but I’m thankful that He saved a wretch like me!” I suspect that answer  would be perplexing to most.

Nonetheless I gleamed a new ‘evangelism idea’ from this message, as I need to diversify the videos on my YouTube channel.

Once my new IPOC tracts are in-print, I will be taking my video camera and handheld mic out to public places, and spend time asking people these questions. First “Are you a Christian?” (most will say yes). But then ask them the who’s, what, where, why, when and how’s. Such as “Why are you a Christian?” When did you become a Christian? How did you become a Christian? Where did you become a Christian? What were you doing when you became a Christian ? Who was involved in your salvation? I suspect they would either not know most the answers, or their answers would be man-centered, or church-centered. Rather than directly referring to the Godhead, their false deity of ‘me, myself & I’ would be made known.

I might even do this at the exact location that I was saved at. 🙂 More in comments below.

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