Boating thru 3 States & lunch @ Waterfalls – 1st Tennessee outing

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Today was my first time putting our boat in the water since we moved to Tennessee. Since my wife’s still in California, I took my puppy Caliber with me. The purpose for this trip was not to fish but to explore and experience our river system. But I did briefly troll from the launching ramp to the Pickwick Dam, which is only about one mile. Hence my little #CatchAndRelease.

The fuel in the tank was just over a year old, and the boat sat a while, so I was concerned it might not fare well. Thankfully everything ran well. The water was smooth, so I cruised at approximately 45MPH. Therefore, it didn’t take long to get to Alabama.

I enjoyed stopping by the Grand Harbor Marina. I appreciated the hospitable southern ladies working inside. After buying my wife a souvenir, and ordering pizza, I gave the ladies a Gospel tract.

Caliber and I enjoyed some pizza inside a cove in Mississippi, where some beautiful waterfalls are located. Enjoyed our lunch, talking to some fellow Tennesseans, and some swimming.

The highlight of this trip was boating through three States in such a short trip. Looking forward to more exploring during the next trip, and perhaps I’ll take fishing more seriously on that trip.

A side note. The only money I spent today, was on the pizza, the t-shirt, and $5.00 at the car wash on the way home. There was zero entrance, launching, and/or parking fees. And since Tennessee is not a police state like the California’s public park system, I was not once told to do this, or do that. And I did not have to go through one of those pesty boat inspections that Californians have to endure. You know, make sure you have your tags, everything required by law, and then have your vessel searched for any critters that your boat may bring in from foreign waters. I never even saw one authority. Man, I love our freedoms and liberties in Tennessee. 

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