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Box opening a Penn Battle III 8000 Rod & Reel 🎣🚤

In the original video, I gave a 15-minute commentary about this rod and reel, but since the garage was over 100 degrees, my GoPro kept shutting off “due to heat.” Since the video was a mess, I ended up making a shorter music video out of it. Perhaps later I’ll do a field review of

Caught a Monster Stingray & some small to mid-sized Rays

The wide-screen GoPro doesn’t do justice, so ENLARGE VIDEO TO FULL SCREEN. Today I planned to go to Catalina Island for breakfast. But that all changed when I decided to drop a line into the water. Somehow, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I hooked a large fish that fought for approximately 30 minutes. It ended up

How to pick up a mooring at Catalina Island

If there are no small craft advisories next week, and the marine weather is reasonable, a brother from church and I will be going to the Santa Catalina Islands. We’ll be going to enjoy a nice meal and talk about a possible prolific ministry endeavor. Who knows, we might even put a pole in the

Diamond Valley Lake’s outhouses can be harmful to your boat

Though my approach was off, you’d think with their overpriced $37.00 entrance fee, they would at least install proper protection around their outhouse platforms. Now I know why some have told me they refuse to use their outhouses. The question is, are they throwing their bottled urine in the trash, or pouring it into the