3 killed during the Desert Storm Shootout – in memory of my childhood friend Corporal Brad Kloepfer

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My longest-term childhood friend was Brad Kloepfer, and we were neighbors and buddies since 1962. We played GI Joes together, ding dong ditched together, fished and went boating on our parents’ boats, raised hell together, and became police officers together.

But sadly, in the year 2018 all that ended when Brad and his wife Connie and Crewman Paul Selberg all died in the Desert Storm Shootout. Brad was the driver and went airborne at 158MPH. The boat he raced was the infamous Lickity Split, by DCB Performance Boats.

I want to take this opportunity to say something to all my fellow Anglers and Boatmen out there.

As I’ve said before, He who dies with the most toys still dies, but he who dies in Christ wins!’ Thankfully in 1991, the Lord saved me (I am now born-again), and so when I die, I will die ‘in Christ,’ and will spend my eternity in heaven with the Lord. Frankly, according to the Scriptures, I deserve hell and wrath, but only by the grace of God so go I. To know more about salvation and eternal life, please read my Good News tract here.

In Memory of Lickity Split and Crew (last video footage of the boat, one hour before the 2018 collision)

News coverage of the fatal collision

In the harbor just before the collision

An interview of his new Sport Chassis Rig to pull Lickity Split

The 2015 delivery of Lickity Split (Brad’s in the blue BB cap)

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