Dr. James White on ‘Free Will’ (a short video)

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Dr. James White is an effective debater, and this is powerfully Biblically accurate. I know this to be true about ‘free will,’ not only because of the Scriptures (which are sufficient), but because from the years 1986 thru 1991, I was a false convert. Had I died in that time-frame (or before), this church-going ‘believer’ would have been cast into the lake of fire for an eternity, under the wrath of God for an eternity.

In the largest ‘church’ here in Redlands, [1] their pastor creates many false converts by telling them mystical clichés liken to. “Now close your eyes and bow your hands, and while nobodies looking, just slip up your hand if you want to go to heaven.” Then as dozens (or more) do so, he then unbiblically declares them all born-again stating “welcome to the family of God, you made a great decision.” This is not only a false teaching, I believe it is blasphemous.

[1] The Sinner’s Prayer, IPOC Ministries, https://www.theexpositor.tv/blog/the-sinners-prayer-biblical-or-unbiblical-by-bill-rhetts/ (Accessed on December 23rd, 2016)


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