Evangelizing another COVID-19 Testing Site in Loma Linda

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By God’s grace, I have been able to toil the soil at many Covid-19 testing sites. Though I do not upload all videos, here’s another of many outreaches, as well as some of my Tweets regarding testing sites.

I can’t think of anything more confidential and personal than our God-given DNA genetic code. In the past, most wouldn’t give it to the Government without a warrant. But today people are voluntarily giving it away at ‘COVID-19 testing’ drive-thrus. 🐕 or 🐑

As a private investigator, law firms have paid me large retainer fees to do clandestine DNA confiscations. But today the subjects will sheepishly line up to voluntarily give their DNA to Covid testing centers, who will later input their information into a database. Baa🐏

If all the people who obey the Government in taking Covid tests, obeyed the Gospel instead, and then took tests for STDs, while repenting from the sin that causes them; this world would be a healthier place.   

If we’re going to win this war against medical tyranny, we will never win if we surrender to testing while resisting mandated vaccines. A soldier must be consistent. Otherwise, he’s a liability, not an asset, nor a soldier. 🪖

Biden and Fauci are intensifying their demands to get tested. Don’t help them boost their numbers to further propel their agenda. Here’s how the church should respond to Covid testing centers. I only had a couple rejections. #covid #testing       

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