The Theological Trichotomy of the human body – God’s Word is decisively critical & discriminative

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Street preachers do not only preach, at times we also teach. This morning I preached from Hebrews 4:12-13. I explained to them what this passage is saying in the Greek. That the Scriptures which they held in their hands, was a Divine treatise or decree by God. That the Word was from His Supreme Deity and Divinity. It is living, active, alive, and endless. It is sharper, and that just one cut cuts with repeated blows. That God’s Word is like a Sword used in war, and/or for judicial punishment; and is to be thrusted into the flesh to kill. That is it a discerner, it is decisively critical and discriminative. That it reaches the center of our spiritual being, which is the heart. Private conversations and prayer were removed.

Music ‘Fighting to win,’ by Jean Paul Zoghbi.

The greek translation

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