Feeding our Baby Calf on day 2 – problems bonding

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Since I’ve never seen the calf nurse her mommy, I tried feeding her just in case. But apparently, the baby is not hungry for my bottle. So, I guess I’ll leave her alone.

UPDATE since upload: A brother from church came by to evaluate the situation. He got his veterinarian on the phone, and the Vet advised the mother and calve had too much acreage to roam around unsupervised. This is preventing them from properly bonding. So, we locked them both inside the small cattle shed. Mama Cow did not like me trying to put peanut butter on her nipples, so she gave me a couple of solid kicks (ouch). After further observation, it’s obvious the mother desires to care for her baby, but the baby does not know how to bond, and/or take milk from her mother’s udder / titty. I hope too much time has not passed by of not being properly fed.    

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