LAPD Officer Toni McBride under fire for shooting and killing a criminal that was an imminent danger to society 👮‍♀️

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We’re living in the ender of end times when criminals and being lauded as heroes or victims, while police officers are being shamed simply for doing their jobs, and I won’t have any part of it. As I’ve said for decades, the criminals, they don’t play by the rules, but police officers are shackled by laws and treated like fools.

In the below video you will see LAPD officer Toni McBride use deadly force on a suspect who was an imminent threat to herself and the public. She uses excellent tactics, properly demonstrates the knowledge and application of LAPD acronyms IDOL and BALKS. She properly acquires her target, demonstrates excellent shot placement, reassesses the threat after the first rounds were fired, and when it became necessary she fired more rounds; and the suspect succumbs to his fatal gunshot wounds. And yes shot placement matters.

But unfortunately because of who her father is, and the current politics in the city of fallen angels, McBride might very well become a political target. To learn more about how politics might play a role in this, read this article published by Law Enforcement Today.

Furthermore, we need to quit blaming the sinful unlawful actions of criminals on “mental health” problems. The heart of the problem is the problem of the unregenerate depraved heart (more below).

To Toni’s father Det. Jamie McBride. Good job Dad! And to Officer Tony McBride. If LAPD management does not treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve, lateral to another police agency. An agency where their cowardly Commanders are not seen on video taking a knee, bowing down to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. An agency that will provide you with effective ammunition, because ammunition matters too.

And most importantly. Whether you be a cop, a criminal, a convict, or the average citizen. You may have put your shoes (or uniform) on this morning, but a mortician may remove them tonight. Are you ready to meet your Maker? To know more about what happens after death, please read my Gospel tract here, that’s where God gives some a new heart (salvation and a new character).

Below is a video of this aforementioned shooting (Newton Division OIS – 4/22/20 (NRF014-20)

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