One nation under GOD? Are you kidding me?

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Though not seen in this video. Recently while heralding the Gospel in a public place, a pastor approached me. I was surprised and pleased, as usually pastors will either complain, or say “why don’t you invite them to your church?” But that pastor appreciated old fashioned Biblical heralding. He even associated it with being like “Noah, the preacher of righteousness.” Regretfully I failed to get the name of his church, as it might have been a healthy place to send new converts (geographically). But just like then, most people today ignore the Herald, while only some will listen, but eventually a few run into the Arc. But the door to the Arc is open only for some, and only for a season; eventually it will be closed forever. A Heralds job is to warn them to get in (Gen 7:16, 2 Pet 2:5, Heb 11:7, Matt 24:36-39).

Music, Honor Him, by Hans Zimmer.

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