Our first Chicken egg in Tennessee 🐔

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This is not my first Chicken rodeo, but it is our first flock of chickens in Tennessee. This morning at exactly 10:00 AM I heard our Chickens going nuts, and the Bantom Rooster was in overdrive. Since Bantams are small, he has a Napoleon complex. But this time I think he was singing “Macho macho macho man, I want to be a macho man!” 

So, I did what every protective farmer does. I grabbed some hardware. I have a particular weapon that I keep in an always-ready mode for a quick grab, in case one of those big Bobcats that’s been seen prowling around decides to become an imminent threat. 

During the day our feathery friends’ free range where they desire. So, it took a few seconds to figure out which direction those panic-stricken sounds were coming from.  

As I opened the door, I heard more screaming and rustling around in the bushes south of our porch. And there it was. One of our girls was laying her first egg, and they were all freaking out. I’ve heard chickens cackle when they lay, but this was a most interesting experience. 

Since they’re all only 4½ months old, the egg was a size small, but it’s organic and free-range for sure. Perhaps I need to keep them cooped up a bit longer, that way the next egg(s) will be laid in those nice nesting boxes inside their luxurious coop, not on the ground. 

I give thanks to God for the big things, and for the little things too, including this glass of fresh water from our well I’m sipping on, that’s not prepared and provided by the government.

I won’t bother y’all with my next egg(s) story.   

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