Putting the Power of His Gospel before my Apologetics, as presented to cult members

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Satan would have loved it had I engaged in a lengthy conversation with them, and missed the crowd just down the street while doing so. But I don’t give worldings (or cults) a microphone.

Some evangelists make an idol out of their “apologetics.” Some even erroneously believe that it’s “necessary” to know your opponent’s teachings (though I do understand their teachings). I agree with Dr. Voddie Baucham in this video, that it’s not necessary. Moreover, the Scriptures support that it is not necessary. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, not in my skill, nor so called intellect (Rom 1:16). As Voddie said in his aforementioned video,

“Is your apologetics calling God a liar?”

God has already predestined whom He will save, and whom He will not. I cannot prevent a person from being saved, nor can I cause a person to be saved. My responsibility is to repent from the false deity of me, myself, and I. To faithfully preach (or share) both the Law and Gospel, and trust in the monergistic work of the Godhead. And give Him all the glory.

After these nice ladies left, I preached to the crowd just down the street.

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