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Video of my first time preaching since my Cardiac Arrests – Life is but a vapor! (with great responses)

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While waiting for my next heart procedure, I frequently distribute lots of Gospel tracts, and engage in ‘one on ones.’ But this morning while tracking, I learned that the two preachers whom minister at this location (my former fishing hole), would not be there today. Since my heart is currently more predictable (Lord willing due to medicines & my ICD implant), I decided to put-on my GoPro – go – stand – and preach.

I began by giving testimony in regards to my heart failure. I then preached the Law and then His glorious Gospel. To God be the glory, there were some responses to the Gospel call.  I won’t go into the details of two persons that responded, but this was one of those aha moments. Another lady (not seen here) seemingly repented and put her faith in Christ. I say “seemingly” because I cannot know if this was a true salvation or not. As I have stated before, it would be ‘Theological malpractice’ for me to profess or declare anyone saved, just because they professed to believe in my Gospel message. I can only know by their fruits, and through a test of time.

Nonetheless, please pray for all their hearts as the Holy Spirit continues to fertilize their soil. I have no doubt the Lord will produce much more fruit that I will never know about, on this side of heaven. All conversations were omitted.

Side note: I checked my blood pressure and heartrate immediately thereafter, and to my surprise it was the best reading I’ve had since my hospitalization – 105/76/80 (100% in the green). I have no idea how my AFIB with RVR was, but I felt no palpitations, and my heart muscle seemed strong enough for this – glory to God. Lord willing I pray this victory continues. Thank you for your prayers. For now, I will be selective where I preach (non-hostile environments). Soli Deo Gloria!

Music ‘Dream is Collapsing’ by Hans Zimmer.

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