Responding to YouTuber ‘Meme Lord’s’ lies, and opposition to public preaching

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YouTuber ‘Meme Lord’ posted this comment under my recent video entitled, ‘When my ‘Independence Day’ became a dependence…

The following is my well deserved response to him or her.

Dear ‘Meme Lord,’ I generally do not reply to persons that cowardly hide behind fictitious names, but in this case, if you’ve got them meme, I’ve got the time. Hence, in my response, I will content for the faith. BTW as stated on my web site, my name is Bill Rhetts.

#1. You stated that it is “unnecessary” to do what I am doing (preaching). Actually it is. It is not only necessary, it is a commandment by my Lord to preach His glorious Gospel in the public places.

#2. You alleged I was “constantly telling people about is religion.” I do not belong to a manmade religion, I don’t even invite people to my church. It is ‘you’ that profess your “catholic” religion. Roman Catholicism is full of (including but not limited to) false teachings, heresies, idolatries, blasphemy, homosexual priests, hundreds of AIDS infected priests that have died from sodomy / AIDS, as well as a consistent pattern of crimes against children. And that’s only scratching the surface. Your religion (which I once belonged to), is sending more people to hell, than all the bars in this universe.

#3. You said you were “proud to be one.” The Bible says that God “hates” pride, He hates it.

#4. You ignorantly, and irresponsibly cut and pasted a portion of one Bible verse out of context. Though the Bible does warn against hypocritically praying in public with the intentions of being noticed by man. But I was not ‘praying’ here, I was ‘preaching’ as commanded to do in the Scriptures. And when I do pray, I don’t do it hypocritically. Furthermore, there was absolutely no hypocrisy in my heart in this outreach. If you want to see sinful hypocritical “praying,” watch my recent video entitled “Religious pro-lifers transgressing Gods Law.” There you will see two Roman Catholics praying while engaging in blasphemy and idolatry.

#5. Lastly, I reviewed your YouTube channel. Your videos / playlists are all vanity, and worldly, and have no eternal significance. The reason why you are offended by my preaching, is because you’re perishing in your sins, and you’re storing up more wrath for that grave Day of Judgment. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 1:18, “For the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who perish; but unto us who are saved, it is the power of God.”

Repent from ‘your religion,’ and be entrusted to Christ alone for salvation, and obey His Gospel. To know more about being saved from your sins, and from the wrath of God, read my Gospel tract below.

UPDATE: I have created a new Tag called Critiquing Comments.


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