The blasphemous politization of Proverbs 29:2

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I’m seeing various Proverbs 29:2 memes posted similar to this. Though we can apply this to our current circumstances in America, this verse is not speaking specifically of America or her politics. And it’s certainly not speaking of Donald Trump. Surely according to the worlds standards, Trump was a far better president than Biden. But according to Trump, compared to the Scriptures, Trump is not born again; hence he does not have the righteousness of Christ. He believes in another Gospel, another Jesus, and a different Spirit (2 Cor. 11:4). We know this because he, including but not limited to –

  • Does not believe in the Biblical saving Gospel (which includes that we must repent & trust in Christ alone, Mark 1:15)
  • Says he does not need the forgiveness of sins
  • Says he does not need to repent
  • Surrounds himself with and advances feminists who rebel against Gods order of creation
  • Surrounds himself with and advances false teachers
  • Surrounds himself with and advances prophets (aka false prophets)
  • Surrounds himself with and advances heretics 
  • Believes in the murder of some unborn (in some cases) 
  • Is a self-proclaimed proponent of the homosexual agenda and has proven to advance them.

Young’s Literal Translation is a better translation of Proverbs 29:2.

“In the multiplying of the righteous, the people rejoice, And in the ruling of the wicked the people sigh.”

Yes, we can apply this Proverb to those in government offices, or political positions, but it also means the people and a multiplying majority of people. And the only people that will be considered righteous on Judgment Day, are those that have been imputed with the righteousness of Christ, because of His finished work on the cross. For more about that, pease read my Gospel tract below – The Good News.

When Gods elect (Christs bride) gather with the Church on the Lord’s Day, we are with a Proverbs 29:2 majority. When we fellowship with brethren during the week, we are amongst the majority. That is a reason I always resisted those stay-at-home or close-your-church orders

Furthermore, God’s elect (aka Christians) are called, gifted, and enabled to rejoice in all things, and always give thanks (1 Thess 5). 

So, when the wicked are a majority, whether in office or the public populace, the people may suffer more, or have lower morale, but Christians are to give thanks and rejoice nonetheless. As Matthew Henry said of this verse, “The people have cause to rejoice or mourn, as their rulers are righteous or wicked.” 

Too many professing Christians are more concerned about the political elections than they are about God’s election of His people. So how do we see a higher population, majority, or multiplication of God’s elect (aka people being saved)? The answer is obeying the Great Commission (Matt 28:16-22). Christians need to be less involved in a #RedWave and more interested in gleaming from the doctrines and meanings of the colors in Theology. 

We can accomplish the “multiplication” of this majority, by preaching and sharing His glorious Law & Gospel out in the public world system that we’re commanded not to love. Though Christians are to be against the world system, we are commanded to go into it, and as Luther said, give them the “Law that reveals their sickness,” and the Gospel which “is the remedy.”

Lastly, as I said on election day,

Today I voted as a registered Christian. I can hardly wait to watch the faithless panic when they wake up in the morning. I can hardly wait until the 2024 presidential election 😂. 

But the Lord (‘ădônây), the Master of the universe already knows who the winners and losers are, He even decreed it beforehand. Therefore, He’s not sitting in heaven biting on His nails saying, ‘Oh no, I didn’t see that coming. What am I going to do?’ 

But God, who sits in heaven (yâshab) will laugh (śâchaq) at the unfaithful complainers. His Holy laughter, an expression of His sovereignty, will joyfully mock, ridicule, and scoff the faithless, the prideful, and the rebellious. Oh Lord, let Your will be done. – Psalm 2:4 

Do you know Him? But more importantly, does He know you in a salvific way? 

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