The Covenanters and COVID-19, by Dr. Brian Borgman (a must see video) ✔

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Pastor Brian Borgman pastors Grace Community Church in Minden Nevada. They are a 1689 Confessional Church (as is mine).

Borgman gives an excellent history lesson on The Covenanters, and how this portion of church history should be applied to the current COVID-19 lockdown. He discusses the roles of ‘ecclesiastical authority’ vs the ‘civil authorities,’ and how we should not bow down to a tyrannical civil authority. I’ve been assertively contending for the faith and the church in this regard, but most pastors online disregard lay-people as a bunch of renegades or zealots. But “pastor” Borgman has more credibility amongst his peers, so I hope many pastors (and others) watch this. Nonetheless, he says what I’ve been saying all along. He then closed by saying,

“The state has no authority over the church, the state has no authority to establish religion, or to prohibit the free exercise of thereof. And so in these days of our constitutional liberty being suspended, we must resist the idea that the state can dictate to the church, how she can worship, when and where she can worship. I’ve heard many say well we can still preach and live-stream it. But make no mistake about it. This is a bigger issue than just being allowed to preach. When the state tells the church that you cannot assemble, that she cannot observe her public worship of God, that she cannot observe her ordinances like the Lord’s Supper, than the civil authorities have swerved out of their lane of authority. And they’re rivaling Christ, as King of the church. Brothers and sisters these are dangerous times, but we can learn from our covenanting forbearers. These times may be more dangerous than we realize. But let me just say Covid of no Covid, we have no King but Christ.”

Brethren this is a solid Biblical explanation as to how Christians and local churches must Biblically respond to this church closure-restriction issue. But knowledge means nothing if we do not put our head knowledge to practice and exercise it. I am thankful to attend a church that has not closed down through all of this. Be a sheepdog not a sheep! 🐕

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