The new division in Christianity, and the Sheriff & Governor that WON’T enforce unconstitutional COVID-19 “stay at home” orders – Podcast 27

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In this episode, I discuss the new division within Christianity, and how it has become a local “church killer.” I then talk about two constitutional elected officials, who are not submitting to the unlawful demands of the White House. They are State of Maine’s Franklin County Sheriff ‘Scott Nichols,’ and the Governor of South Dakota, Governor ‘Kristi Noem.’ Lastly, I discuss the role of the church through all of this.

The following is the aforementioned exhortation from Dr. Theodore Zachariades,

“Greetings to everyone. We are certainly living in strange and interesting times. Amidst much of the uncertainty that swarms around us, please remember that Jesus Christ is truly Lord of All.

Believers in every age have faced trials of every sort, yet these days are prime for the church to be ridiculed, looked down upon, persecuted, and potentially threatened by an unbelieving and hostile world.

I have no insight from the Lord giving an answer to the “Why?” question. But, I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt. God is God and He does all His perfect will in the Heavens and in the earth. None and no one can thwart His will.

He is the only one that you should trust in at all times, especially now. As you urge others to trust God, you will be greeted by superficial piety suggesting that if enough of us pray, we will get God’s help and the virus will go away. This is indeed foolish. Not that God does not answer prayer, He often answers with shattering Silence.

The Bible shows us time and again that the people of God have succumbed to the worldly behavior and attitudes of the populace and thereby are being pruned and threshed. Also, God often brings judgments upon the world on many historical occasions. Read a history book or two!

The famous preacher, Philips Brooks of Massachusetts in its Christian heyday said, “Don’t pray for easy lives, but pray to be stronger men.” That is a sorely needed message for the body of Christ.

The church en masse is filled with luke-warm, fading, and often, shallow disciples if they are even Christians at all. The Refiner’s Fire comes in many varied ways upon His people. Judgment begins in the house of the Lord.

Whatever God may be doing in our day, let us not seek escape from the challenges, but let us rise above them. Our greatest need is not to escape the virus, but to be authentic believers that truly trust in the Lord and lean not on our own understanding.”

Update: Since this podcast the Lord has convicted me granting me repentance from supporting females in political leadership positions. As I’ve posted since this podcast.

I see an increasing trend of women being elected (or appointed) to high positions of authority over men. Whether they be in the white house, senate, congress, the state house, your house, or God’s house (His church), it IS feminism and a perversion of God’s order of creation. And sadly, many professing Christians are propelling this. Perhaps this is the inevitable judgment of God (Isaiah 3:12).

I’m convinced that the sinful growing trend of females leading in their homes, the state, government, and/or demonstrating authority over men in the church is the inevitable judgment of God. And it doesn’t matter what female politician you place in this photo collage. Whether she is conservative or liberal, it is a form of feminism and goes against God’s order of creation. I will not vote to enable this anti-Biblical environment (Gen 2:19-23; 3:16, Ish 3:12, 1 Cor 11:3, 1 Tim. 2:11-15; 3:1-13). #feminism #egalitarianism

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