Video of Adam (and his team) boldly preaching under extreme conditions & threats (Rated R footage – from Spring Break in Florida)

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Warning Rated R: This video contains profanity, scantily dressed woman, and lewd men. I am only sharing this because it is a great training video, as to how Christians can still display courage under duress. Brother Adam (his wife & team) are bold as a lion. Beyond all that heckling, many still stood and listened. But what about all those that didn’t pay attention to the gospel? To watch a video on how that often works, click here.

When a team of ‘preachers’ go out to preach, they are not called to just dialog or exchange in conversations with the enemies of Christ. They’re called ‘preach the Gospel.’ Christians have the rest of the week to chat, dialog, and engage in conversations.

I was asked to join another team, in another State next week at a more vial venue. I’m still praying about it, and please pray for that team.

DISCLAIMER: IPOC Ministries makes an effort to share sermon excerpts from various videos, and full sermons from various pastors. In other words, it’s not all about us. However, this does not mean that IPOC endorses all doctrinal views, of every pastor (or person) shared here. As a ministry, it is important to not be so denominational, or IPOC minded; that we’ve excluded everyone else. 

2014 Fort Myers spring break, ALL PARTIES CANCELED

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