A video open-air preaching ‘Will Christ Propitiate & Justify you, a Lady asks rhetorical questions, then another quotes a man-made cliché’

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I preached from Romans 3:23-31. One lady engaged with several rhetorical questions, and another lady recited that famous man-made cliché, “God hates the sin, but loves the sinner!” I hope my answer to her was clear enough for this crowd. At this location I had a ‘narrow window of opportunity’ to convey my message; hence I ran out of time to answer all questions. Nevertheless to hear a better response to that man-made cliché, watch any (or all) of these included videos. Here is one video from Paul Washer, another video from Tim Conway and Dr. David Platt, and another from Dr. R.C Sproul and Dr. Robert Morey. All private conversations were removed, this is the edited version.

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