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Why preach Propitiation & Expiation? – Podcast #32 ✝ 💕

Recently a Christian commented under one of my Open Air Preaching videos, “Why do you preach on ‘propitiation?’ Why don’t you just preach the Gospel?” My answer is ‘propitiation’ is a part of the Gospel. Propitiation is ‘one of two elements’ within the atonement, and the atonement is a part of the Gospel…. My show

Video preaching on ‘Christ’s Propitiation’ (hilasmos)

On this morning I preached from 1 John 4:7-11, I zoomed-in on Christ’s propitiatory sacrifice. What did Christ’s propitiatory work implicate? That Christ atoned for the sins of His church That Christ is the Lamb…the mercy seat That Christ fully appeased the wrath of God (for His church) That Christ reconciles the sinner to His

Video on ‘The Cross preachers ignore’, by Paul Washer

Next time you go to your church, check to see if there’s a ‘cross’ up front and center in your church. If there’s not, then respectfully ask your pastor why not. Additionally, are they preaching the biblical cross, or an emergent Americanized churchianity. “You see, this is the Cross that all these modern-day ‘preachers’ put