Video preaching on ‘Christ’s Propitiation’ (hilasmos)

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On this morning I preached from 1 John 4:7-11, I zoomed-in on Christ’s propitiatory sacrifice.

What did Christ’s propitiatory work implicate?

  • That Christ atoned for the sins of His church
  • That Christ is the Lamb…the mercy seat
  • That Christ fully appeased the wrath of God (for His church)
  • That Christ reconciles the sinner to His Father
  • That Christ expiates sin (and removes the stain of sin)
  • That Christ placates Divine wrath
  • That Christ annuls the power of sin
  • That Christ covers and remits sin.

One of the fellows in this line later contacted me. He’s ripe for the harvest, but only the Lord knows.

After this sermon I attended a conference. One of the many Professors said the following ~

“There are two things necessary for salvation. 1) There must be a penalty paying for sin. 2) There must be righteousness. Christ paid the penalty for His Church, and it is Christ’s righteousness that we must be imputed with.”

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