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Video of an expository teaching on the Epistle of 1 John Chapter 3:1-9 (being impregnated with the Lords Incorruptible Seed (sperma)

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This expositional teaching of 1 John chapter 3:1-9 will include (but is not limited to), being impregnated with the Lords Incorruptible Seed (sperma), the born-again believers new identity, our hope for the Lords return, the Christians incompatibility with sin, the Greek transliterations that better explain sin in our life (and not in our life), another test to see if you are in the faith, the importance of preaching the Gospel, more refutes of sinless perfectionism, and briefly the doctrines of glorification, justification, regeneration, original sin, and sanctification.

When a sinner becomes born again of Christ’s Incorruptible Seed (Sperma – 1 Pet 1:23), that miraculous new birth comes from a spiritual pregnancy, that came from a theological conception, that could only come from the monergistic work of the Triunity of the Creator.

The watch the entire study throughout the Epistles of John, click on our tag here. This is also available in mp3 audio format here.

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