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Video of ‘The Gospel’ according to Robin Williams – Warning Rated R for blasphemy and foul language

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Repent America judgement is comingIt is because of love that I write this. We must tell the truth in love, but love without the truth is unbiblical and meaningless.

After the death of Robin Williams, it would be an under-statement to say how perplexed I am at some of the posts on social media by those that profess to be Christian. They posted how this unGodly man gave them “so much joy,” or “brought laughter to so many.” Therefore they posted how this man is now “in a better place” or is “RIP.”

Should a Christians “joy” come from comedy? Is Robin Williams now resting in peace?

Brethren the Bible says God does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked (nor should we). The Bible also says that when a non-Christian dies, that they will not “RIP.” Hell is a dark place of eternal torment. We cannot preach, pray, nor Facebook post a non-Christian into heaven after they die. That’s why you must be obedient to the Scriptures, and preach the whole council of the Word of God now, while there’s still time.

I have seen posts from professed Christians that implied Robin Williams went to heaven because he “made so many people laugh.” While there is a time and place for humor, and the Bible talks about laughter. But sadly many believers believe that most laughter, being funny, or humor is a fruit of the Holy Spirit – known as “joy.” Brethren, Biblical Joy can be impersonated or counterfeited just as false love, false grace, or false humility can be counterfeited.

I see ‘some’ open-air preachers and ministries using humor (or comedy) as a way of wooing people over. The Lord knows I enjoy a good laugh from time to time. But comedy should not be used in the ministry to entertain, to woe people over, to tickle itchy ears, nor to tickle our funny bones. Some of the comedy or humor that I see in the name of ministry, is offensive and immature.

Those of you Christians that allowed yourself to be entertained by Williams profane babbling and coarse jesting, this is a call to repentance.

Moreover let us not forget what the Scriptures say about a man that dies in their un-repented sins, or outside of Christ. And what about our joy? A true Biblical joy comes from the Lord.

The first video reveals Robin Williams’ heart. There is no evidence that his depraved heart ever became circumcised (born-again). Only the Lord knows, and Williams surly knows where he is now. The second video is a documentary entitled ‘Satan’s Same Old Story: Robin Williams, Hopsin, “The Purge” Riots, Mind Games & The Great I AM!’

Note: To watch my video on the Great White Throne judgement, click here.

Video 1/2Documentary on ‘Satan’s Same Old Story: Robin Williams, Hopsin, “The Purge” Riots, Mind Games & The Great I AM!’

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