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A must see video of the best wedding blunder ever seen before

As the best man attempts to hand the rings over to the minister, he trips. The best man falls into the bride, she falls into the minister. Then the minister and bride fall into the lake. Who said playing dominoes was in their wedding plans? Some marriages start on rocky grounds. This one was started

A young women acts immature & disrespectful in court. The judge raises the bail, she flips the judge off – watch what happens next

Disclaimer: Ms. Penelope Soto should be considered innocent, unless proven guilty in the court of law! On 02-04-13, 18-year-old Penelope Soto appears at a video conference hearing. before Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, in a Miami Florida courthouse. It appears that she was trying to claim ‘indigent’ before the judge. An ‘indigent defense’ means that she