Video of ‘The Gospel Invasion of South Central Los Angeles (police detain preacher)

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The Lord provided a team of five Christians. They were myself, Tatsuo, Lucas, David and his son Xavier. We utilized various methods of evangelism. We distributed over 1,200 Gospel tracts (but much more people ‘heard’ the Gospel,) and we engaged in many fruitful ‘one on one’ conversations.

In this video you will see me being detained by the police. Many Christians may disagree with the way I handled, or responded to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy. You would have to stand in my boots to understand why.

Yes the deputy acted in a professional manner. But not all of his requests were a “Lawful order” as he stated. I could have legally ‘pressed the envelope’ by continuing to stand on that bench to preach (without amplification). However the last thing I would want, is to get arrested, and then have to spend valuable time (and money) defending my case in court.

Christians are not called to be pacifists, we are called to boldly proclaim the Gospel. When the police contact me, I constantly have to judge and reevaluate my own response to them. Often times an evangelist has to walk ‘that fine line.’ We should be respectful, but without compromise. We should demonstrate courage, but never with pride or arrogance.

On the Sermon on the Mount the Lord Jesus said in the Beatitudes, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5). The word ‘meek’ here does not mean weakness.

Bible scholars would agree that “Biblical meekness is not weakness, but rather refers to exercising God’s strength under His control – i.e. demonstrating power without undue harshness” [1].

Or as another commentator said, “This beatitude resembles and is perhaps based on Ps. 37:11. The meekness in view is spiritual meekness, an attitude of humility and submission to God. Our pattern for meekness is Jesus (the same Greek word is translated “gentle” in 11:29), who submits to the will of His Father.”

Nonetheless during my detention, the Lord intervened. Henceforth making it possible for me to continue to preach just 100 feet away, with full volume / amplification.

God produced some results / fruit during this outreach. But there will also be fruit that we will never know about on this side of heaven. As a little boy Dr. Voddie Baucham was raised in this area. Who knows, as a result of the Seeds we sowed, the Lord may bring up another pastor / preacher like Voddie. To GOD be the glory!

“I think the most awesome task tonight is not to be the president of the United States, or a king of an empire. But to be a man who stands [preaches] between a living God and a dying people.” ~ Leonard Ravenhill


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