Video of ‘The outlaw motorcycle club member, & the bicyclist’ (an interesting contrast)

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Two different types of cyclists parked in front of me at this red light. One a bicyclist that by appearance might think that he’s ‘good enough to get to heaven.’ The other a motorcyclist, who perhaps thinks he could never inherit heaven.

It is unknown where the man on the left stands with the Lord (or not). But it is clear where the man on the right stands. The man on the right is wearing his colors as an admitted member of the Devil’s Disciples outlaw motor cycle club.

I’ve always had a big heart for the Outlaw Motor Cycle culture, and have witnessed to many of them. From Devils Disciples, to Hells Angels; and various others.

Both of these men have much in common. Both men have been born into sin, both men have transgressed Gods Law. Both men are ‘sons of perdition’ unless they are saved (as I was). And both men are in need of salvation (the need to be born twice – born again).

In the end, it is very possible that the clean-cut looking bicyclist may spend and eternity in hell, while the tougher looking Devil’s Disciple might one day come to a salvific saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ; and spend an eternity in heaven. I would love to call both of them my ‘brother.’

Fact is there are many police officers that have died, and gone to hell for an eternity. While many crooks, convicts, and criminals have died and gone to heaven for their eternity. Why? Because the latter have repented, believed, and became born-again.

Needless to say I gave both of these men an IPOC Gospel tract, and both men tucked their tract away as they rode off.

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Music ‘March to War’, by 5 Alarm Music.

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