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Video Open-Air Preaching a sermon on the Great White Throne Judgment, in downtown Redlands, by Bill Rhetts

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Bill giving a thumbs upOur intent was to preach this message into a larger crowd, during Redlands highly populated outdoors Market Night. However apparently the city took a break so that the citizens could enjoy other Halloween festivities. We decided to press-on with a smaller crowd. Across the street in the restaurants patio, was a captive audience.

Usually when preaching out in the world, some of our biggest opposition, are by those that profess to be Christian. That is because they are either caught in their sins, and/or are convicted of their sins. Or perhaps they are goats, or wolves? What a blessing it was this time to be ‘encouraged’ by a Christian. John (seen at the end,) later shared how the Lord used this message to “sharpen” his faith (Hebrews 11.) Brother John, the Lord also used ‘you’ to encourage me. Thank you for praying for me as well.

However another man “Jacob,” was very angry with the message. Please pray for Jacobs’ salvation. Pray for all the others that heard the Gospel tonight. Pray for the many that will later hear the Gospel thru this video.

Thank you Chris for working the video camera, what a blessing you are. Glory to the Lord!

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