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A counter detail to Law Enforcements socialist communist Prop 30 “Cash for Guns” program

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14968_235404359929407_833587067_nA counter detail to Law Enforcements socialist communist “Cash for Guns” program

Last night a uniquely picked group of men (myself included) met with Phillip Naman, for a press conference with a media spokesperson. Naman’s the radio talk show host of the “Firing Line” radio show heard, on KTIE 590AM.

As you should know this Saturday, police agencies across California are spending tax dollars to buy guns from citizens in their “Cash for Guns” scheme. It is their desire to have an unarmed citizenry. We will be setting our own table next to theirs, doing a counter ‘criminal buy back’, and ‘cash for guns’ detail. This will be on the corner of Orange St and Colton Ave, in the city of Redlands.

We believe that it is the criminal that should be restricted, not the gun. Therefore, Naman’s uniquely qualified team, which consists of including but not limited to; a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer, and a licensed Fugitive Recovery Agency, will do the following.

They will be paying citizens a percentage for any fugitives reported to our ‘Firing Line’  table, and that are successfully apprehended.

We will encourage the citizens to come to our table, to sell their guns to our firearms dealer. Except we won’t be using tax dollars, and we won’t destroy those guns. After the DOJ paper process, the guns will be legally redistributed back into society.

In my 30 years of law enforcement / investigations experience, I’ve conducted thousands of gun related crimes. In none of those cases, did the suspect lawfully own the firearm used. In every case, they were illegally possessed. Therefore, the police departments socialist, communist gun-grabbing scheme is counter-productive.

As I’ve said years before, “The criminals don’t play by the rules, but the citizens are shackled by laws, and treated like fools.”

Frankly I’m very disappointed in Stator Bros, for profiteering off of these tax paid gift certificates. It’s a huge, unethical, self-serving, conflict of interest.

Remember this nation was built with four tools. An axe, a plow, a Book, and a rifle. You can have my axe, and my plow. But you’re not taking my Book or rifle.

Thank you Phillip Naman for taking the point on this.

Update June 1st: Below is some newspaper coverage on the event, as well as our own video.

Our video

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