Christians arrested during pandemic, the Sheriff & Prosecutor, Shepard attacked by sheep, & we need SHEEPDOGS – Podcast 26

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In this Podcast I analyze a pastor’s video message, rebuking his apathy (or cowardness), and his elitist attitude. Costi Hinn made snotty derogatory remarks against Christians if they found a Biblical way to “work around the government” calling us nothing but “social revolutionaries,” or “zealots” and even “dangerous” to society. And he did that while hypocritically wearing his goofy little Christian T-shirt that says “Be Steadfast.” No Hinn, your pragmatism and cowardness is not being steadfast, it’s of this world.

I also show some important news clips of a tyrant Sheriff & Prosecutor, a video of a Shepard getting attacked by one of his sheep, and the need for more sheepdogs in the church.

After uploading this video, YouTuber J Fresco made the following addition remarks, amen on that.

Costi Hinn has fallen to pragmatism. “Put yourself in the unbeliever’s shoes” No, we simply follow the scriptures, and do what’s right in God’s eyes. Also, 8:35 you were spot on, brother. Emergent church movement. The Sheriff said “Unlawful Assembly” The First Ammendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion… Or the right of the people peaceably to assemble”. And their response is, “This is a special circumstances/ For the greater good”

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