Video of Robert Gray Preaching in Times Square at Superbowl Outreach (a great example on how to deal with hecklers)

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Warning bold preachingThis is a great testimony as to how open-air preachers should handle hecklers. A Herald should never allow an agent of Satan to impede the Gospel. They should be treated as enemies of Christ. A Herald should not negotiate with an enemy of Christ. The Herald shall herald the Gospel at them.

Rather than appease one, in this video Robert continues to preach to the masses. But this cannot always be accomplished without a team effort. Robert’s team did a great job at distracting the enemy.

Because Robert (and his team) pressed on, many others stood to hear his message. Robert you’ve been tagged again.

Update: After viewing this video, Chris Raymond of ‘First Baptist Church of the Lakes’ stated the following in a Facebook post. “Brother Robert Gray showing why a herald should not negotiate with an enemy of the cross, who is trying to stop the gospel from going forth. Many falsely assume the public proclamation of the gospel is a conversation when it is not. A herald is to unroll the scroll, and proclaim what the King has charged and commanded to the people.”

Raymond’s comment does not surprise me, as his church has men like Paul Washer and Voddie Baucham preach from behind their pulpit.

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