Video of the Gospel Tract Invasion & preaching in multiple bars (Colton & Corona 11-26-13)

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Many professed believers in these bars. But by the grace of God, so go I. To make it possible for these people to later ask questions, our contact information is on our Gospel tracts. Our tracts include the ‘whole council of the Word of God.’ If you would like to assist us in purchasing more, your tax deductible contributions are appreciated.

We’re going to need more for our preaching tour, throughout the southern and southwestern states next spring. You can even donate online here.

To watch my video entitled ‘Should Christians drink alcohol? Here is a Biblical response,’ click here.

Side note: I’ve had several ask me if I taped my audio with an MP3 recorder, and then later splice that into my video. The answer is “no.” I use a Sennheiser ew112PG3 wireless body transmitter, receiver, and lapel mic. The transmitter attaches to my body, and the receiver plugs into my camera. In this video, my camera was mounted onto my vehicles window. Back when my investigations firm was still running, I purchased lots of surveillance equipment. I later realized how handy it is for evangelism. Thank You Lord!

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