The RUN, HIDE, and FIGHT survival video for the active shooter event at your location

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NEW03_01As it’s been said, “It’s better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6.” Therefore, allow me to add the following preface to the below video.

Make sure that the time frame between RUN, HIDE and then FIGHT, is minimal. Make sure that where you hide, is cover and not just concealment. Concealment only conceals you, but the bullets can still penetrate thru the object you’re hiding behind. Cover provides both concealment and cover (cover is an object the bullets cannot penetrate.) Examine the area of your workplace now, and be mentally prepared. Do the same where you eat, and where you shop – etcetera.

Now I’ll tell you why I said “make sure that the time frame between run, hide and then fight, is very brief.” You don’t want to just hide, and give the suspect a larger window of opportunity to assassinate more persons. You need to consider stopping the threat. You don’t want to be a sheep led for the slaughter. You want to be a sheepdog, and stop the wolf from killing more sheep.

I say this because I love life, more than the law. If you live in a state, or work in a place where you cannot carry concealed firearms; you may want to consider the higher law – the U.S. Constitution – henceforth exercise the right to bear arms.

Then remove your concealed loaded firearm from your secret place of concealment (preferably attached to your body, and not a purse,) and use the amount of force ‘reasonable and necessary’ to stop the threat.

However beforehand, you must be well trained, confident, and proficient with your firearm. Shot placement is what counts the most. The three most important things to remember are safety, weapons familiarization, and muscle memory retention.

Remember you can only use deadly force in the Immediate Defense of Life (IDOL.) You are responsible to know the laws of your state. Always consider the background behind the suspect, so that you don’t shoot an innocent person.

If you ever have to use deadly force, respectfully never give a statement to the police. Remember the officers’ hidden tape recorder is going. Respectfully tell the officer something similar to “I had to shoot in defense of life. Respectfully I invoke my 5th Amendment Constitutional right. Therefore I have no further comment, and I want my attorney now!” Do not use the phone in the police station or the jail, they are always recorded.


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