Video: Female bartender exits a nude bar to rebuke open-air preacher, she professes to be a Christian

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Today I preached, and cried out, in front of this nude bar. I was present no longer than 30 minutes. Thou they may not understand it yet. Nevertheless, what was “harassing” these folks, was the Sword of His Spirit.

An interesting observation, was they had a large male bouncer walking in and out of that doorway, but they allowed the lady to approach me by herself. Perhaps she wanted to set me up for a false accusation? I am glad the video was rolling. I will keep the unedited cut in storage.

It’s sad as to how many are sitting in churches, that think they’re saved, when there not. Jesus did warn about that in Matthew 7:21-23. These fast food sinners prayers, and just “Accept Jesus” ideologies are of Satan.

Please pray for these people. Pray that the Lord will draw them nearer to Himself. Pray that His Holy Spirit keeps His Word on their minds. It is because of my love for the lost, that I do this.

Update: On December 28th the police were called on me. Click here to watch a video of the response.

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