Video preaching ‘God’s Law is written on your heart – 1 responds to the Gospel, many others encouraged’ & much more

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Through this sermon many professing Christians were encouraged, many asked for prayer, one street preacher was encouraged to return to the streets; and one lady responded to the Gospel call. All private conversations were omitted.

Understandably so a Christian asked me why I usually point my own fingers at myself, while telling the world how I have broken all of Gods Commandments (before telling them they too are guilty). The answer is this. Every time I preach the Gospel at a location, I am first reminded of my own sins. Because I know for sure that I am one of His elect (according to the Scriptures), I can say for certain that ‘Christ bore my sins,’ that ‘Christ bore the wrath of the Father’ (that I so deserved) on that Cross; and that I am a beneficiary of His substitutionary atonement. He propitiated my sins. But because I do not know whom His elect are, I cannot say that about everyone else. Yes I can tell them that ‘all have sinned,’ and that ‘Christ died for sinners,’ but I cannot say for which ones. I cannot even say that about the unborn baby inside an abortion mill. But I can boast in what He did for me.

“If God had painted a yellow stripe up the backs of the elect, I’d go through London lifting up coats and preaching only to them. As it is, He has not, so I preach the Gospel to all, and God brings his sheep” – Charles H. Spurgeon

Music ‘Galactic Eclipse’ by Epic Score.

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