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Watchman Alert: More video evidence as to why Christians should be cautious of Pastor Tim Keller

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All too often our Reformed brothers are only willing to call-out Armenians, all the while allowing leaven to ferment amongst their own congregations. No matter what your Theological persuasion may be, I believe it is a good practice to judge ourselves from the inside out.

As I’ve said before,

“I appreciate Reformed Theology, and the Doctrines of Grace, as they are deep in Doctrine, and rich in Theology, but let us first remove the log out of our own eyes, lest we be hypocrites. Many ‘orthodox’ scholars have been warning the church of this ‘contemporary reformed’ movement. But sadly since Christians live in a fallen world, and are all byproducts of the fallen nature of man, these worldly things will creep into all four corners of every Theological arena.”

Over the years ‘Pastor’ Tim Keller has digressed into some questionable teachings. This video is more evidence as to how ‘trying to be nice’ is compromise. Keller’s responses sound almost as bad as Joel Osteen’s responses to Larry King (see Steve Lawson’s fantastic parody here).

The solution to this problem is run from Keller (and others alike), run from his teachings, and run from his books; and pray while doing so.

A side-note regarding his books. Anytime a professing Christian’s book becomes a New York Times bestseller, that ought to be a red flag. As I said in another blog post,

“Therefore over this last ten years I have slowly replaced most of my postmodern academia driven books, with writings from ‘old dead men’ like the aforementioned. Some of my former books I gave away, others I tossed in the trash can, and yes perhaps burning some books is Biblical (Acts 19:19). But remember, King Solomon warned that many books (or booklets) can become bad for our spiritual health (Ecclesiastes 12:12). Just as Law Enforcement is called to toe that thin blue line, Christians are called to circumspectly toe that thin Theological line, while being amongst this world. All too often many books can blur that line.”

Before you watch this video (which contains a mixture of truth and err), pray for discernment. 🙂

UPDATE 05/29/18: I was informed via an email, that Keller will be speaking on “identity” at the pro homosexual ‘Living Out Conference’ in London, more here.

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