Encouragement for Pastors (& Christians) from Pastor Larry Paulson on how to Biblically demonstrate Romans 13, even during a Pandemic

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Podcaster Jon Harris has been engaged on the front lines in the spiritual battle for Biblical manhood, and Biblical courage. Most recently he has been contending for the faith in the sense that Christians are not to bow down and submit to the authorities in all matters.

To address the right way and wrong way many pastors are responding to this Coronavirus pandemic, Harris created a new YouTube channel ‘The Church and COVID-19.’ On this new channel, he has uploaded multiple interviews from like-minded pastors and/or Bible scholars as to how to respond to the governments’ requests, or demands in a Biblical way.

His latest video is from Pastor Larry Paulson of South Dakota. In the below video Paulson demonstrates Biblical manhood, and Biblical courage, that frankly there’s a short of in America, especially further revealed throughout this pandemic crisis. And I praise the Lord for this.

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