Todd Friel implies we should obey the government re getting vaccinated (out of my cold dead hands Todd)

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Todd Friel’s interpretation (or application) of Romans 13 is a man-centered eisegesis, to say the least. At timestamp 16:00 he states, “if the government tells me to put pinwheels on the side my head every time I go to Publix, I’m gonna put pinwheels on the side of my head.” 

This cowardly pacifist wrong view of Romans 13 must be opposed, as this view is the reason most churches literally closed their doors, shunning their own sheep. It is not a mere non-essential doctrinal difference. It is so essential that we must divide over this matter.

If a man’s wife does not want the government injecting a needle into her arm, shall he give her over to the government, or should he defend his wife? Frankly, the bride of Christ does not belong to Caesar. She belongs to Christ, and to share His bride with Caesar is a form of ecclesiastical adultery.

Nonetheless, Friel has become a modern-day golden calf to many, and they’ll be quick to defend him over the truth. We live in a time when professing believers wrongfully believe that apologetics is defending their celebrity pastors (or comedians), rather than defending the truth or contending for the faith.

Christians must repent from this wrong thinking that online Pastors, YouTubers, or Podcasters are an “authority.” They might influence you, but they are not an authority. Christ, His Scriptures and the office of Elder in your local church are your authority. Todd Friel falsely represents himself as an authority, and that is dangerous.

A side note: Friel also teaches doctrine contrary to orthodox Calvinism, confessionalism, and/or fully Reformed folks.

For example, including but not limited to, Friel preaches against the doctrine of original sin, and teaches that we only sin once we reach “the age of accountability.” Fast-forwarding, he entertains his viewers with a flamboyant sarcastic emotionalism, and almost always begs for money at the end of each video; hence people should not be financing his “ministry,” nor listening to him.

UPDATE 08/24/21: James While gave a strong rebuke of Friel’s false teaching, that video can be seen here.

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